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With the help of the Alden Historical Society it appears that our Agency was most likely founded sometime in 1875 by Frank Algers in his home located at 13134 Broadway (corner of Church and Broadway). In 1893 Frank was joined by Arthur G. Hart. Mr. Algers retired from the insurance industry in 1924 after 50 years of protecting western NY. In 1928 Andrew Smith joined the agency with Arthur. Ladette G. Elwood purchased the agency in 1938 and the agency was most likely located at the SW corner of Irving and Crittenden streets. In 1952 Hans Jordans joined Ladette at the agency. In 1955 the building located at 13361 Broadway was built by Hans Jordans and it remains there till this day. Years later Philip G. Smith joined up with Hans Jordans but his share of the business was bought back by Mr. Jordans. Mr. Jordans sold the Agency to the Iroquois Group in 1985. The agency was run by Mr. George Spinnigan for a brief period and then Charles J. Phillips Jr. became the president of the agency. Recently Mr. Phillips retired from the agency effective 1/1/2008 and he handed over the reigns to former Aldenite and class of 91” Brooks Bowman as the new President.

The Agency Today

  • 6 employees boasting over 60 years of combined insurance experience.
  • Currently appointed to write insurance with over 20 different insurance companies

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